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One of the oldest and largest conservation areas in Uganda, Aswa-Lolim Game Reserve was created to serve as a refuge for wildlife migrating from Murchison Falls in case they got lost along the way. It is one of the rarest game reserves in the country. It is situated in the farthest corner of Murchison Falls National Park. In 1959, it was published in a gazette that covered more than 500 square km. Due to the limited number of visitors that visited this region, the majority of the people is unaware of this game reserve, especially since Idi Amin Dada ungazetted it in 1972.

Aswa-Lolim Game Reserve

The game reserve is named “Aswa-Lolim” after the rivers Aswa and Lolim that run through its area. The vegetation of the game reserve is made up of lovely grasslands, palm trees, little valleys, papyrus, and swamps that extend towards the banks of the Nile River. It is located in the counties of Koch-goma, Purongo, Alero, and Anaka. Despite the presence of many farmers and expansive farming lands, the area is still home to a variety of animal species, including African buffalo, hartebeest, waterbucks, kobs, impala, baboons, warthogs, and, on occasion, elephants. It has a variety of birds, including the piapiac, the African fish eagle, and the grey-headed olive back.

The wildlife reserve is located 769 metres above sea level, halfway between Gulu and Albert Nile. Although they are under the general control of the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Aswa-Lolim Association was founded in 2010 with permission from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Their primary goal is to safeguard the species in this area.

The people that reside in this area may provide cultural experiences by teaching you about their traditional dances and cultural practises. Visitors may go fishing, take a boat trip down the Albert Nile, or go on a safari to Murchison Falls National Park for extra fun.

The dry winter and summer months of January to February and July to September are the optimum times to visit the game reserve. To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, it is recommended to wear long sleeves and pants. The wildlife reserve is situated in northern Uganda, in the Amuru area, north of Murchison Falls National Park, about six hours’ drive from Kampala. There are lodging options in the adjacent town of Gulu. The de-gazette of the game reserve dealt a severe hit to the tourist sector since, as of right now, just a small number of people are aware of it, and those who have heard of it are unaware of its location in Uganda.

In addition to Aswa-Lolim, Uganda is home to several additional game reserves, the majority of which are found in the Albertine Rift Valley. A few of these parks are Tooro-Semuliki Game Reserve, Katonga Game Reserve, and Ajai Game Reserve.

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