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Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo National Park

Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo National Park

Along the Masaka-Mbarara route in western Uganda is where you’ll find Lake Mburo National Park. The national park is the smallest savannah national park in Uganda and is surrounded by Rubanga woodland and Precambrian rocks that serve as a backdrop for the savannah vegetation. It is one of the greatest spots in Uganda to see a lot of zebras. Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo National Park is an exciting activity you should definitely try when visiting Uganda. Due of tsetse fly infestation in the area, the national park has a poor history of animal eradication. One of the parks with the highest encroachment that is under so much community pressure.

The landscape of Lake Mburo National Park is savannah-like and filled with lovely plants, shrubs, and thorns. A sizable wetland zone is formed by the water bodies that make up the majority of the park area. The conservation area has a total land size of 370 square kilometres. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife species, some of which include zebras, warthogs, topis, elands, olive baboons, hippos, Nile crocodiles, hyenas, and buffaloes. The national park is home to over 300 different bird species, some of which include African fish eagles, plovers, African fin feet, papyrus yellow warblers, and shoebill stock, to name a few.

Only in Lake Mburo National Park does Horseback Riding in Lake Mburo National Park take place in Uganda. A unique and exciting sport, horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park is promoted by Mihingo Lodge. Within the national park, the opulent building has a view of hills and savannah grasslands. Since 2008, the lodge has run the horse service for a considerable amount of time. Both tourists staying at the other lodges and in-house guests are subject to it. There are several horses at the lodge that guests may ride. The session starts at 10:00am, with each horse carrying a weight limit of 100 kilogrammes.

Through the game tracks of the conservation area, you will have the opportunity to get closer and view wildlife. Beginners are advised to take a shorter drive, while experts can go in for longer rides in the park; these can take 2-4 hours for long distance riders.

With the assistance of game rangers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, horseback riders can ride through the night in pursuit of the park’s nocturnal animals. Consider wearing long sleeved shirts and pants, hiking boots, helmets and hand gloves for riding when thinking about participating in the activity. The activity is best performed between June and early September and between December and February during the dry season.

There are also game drives in the park that are done in the morning, mid-morning, and evening. It is among Uganda’s top locations for night game drives. Take a boat tour along Lake Mburo and you can expect to see a lot of aquatic wildlife as well as those that come to feed on the lake’s banks.

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