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Between Kibale Forest National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, the Kabwoya Game Reserve has an area of around 87 square kilometres of protected terrain with stunning vistas. It was first published in 1980 and turned into a wildlife reserve in 2002. Even though the wildlife reserve is incredibly gorgeous and less visited than Murchison Falls and Kibale Forest National Parks, travel companies frequently overlook it.

Kabwoya Game Reserve

Between the Congo Blue Mountains and Lake Albert, Kabwoya is situated on the western side of the Albertine Rift Valley. It was a restricted hunting area until poaching became a problem, which caused the animal population to decline here and increased pressure from people looking for land to cultivate and graze cattle on. Today, kabwoya is not a topic that is widely known.

The newest wildlife reserve in Uganda is Kabwoya, which is also one of its most picturesque locations. It is located between the Bunyoro escarpments. The magnificence that permeates the game reserve, particularly the blue mountains in Congo, is frequently missed by visitors. After the region was gazetted, the Uganda Wildlife Authority relocated animals that had previously lived here to their original homes, and the animal population has increased significantly.

Impalas, bush bucks, kobs, duikers, and hartebeests that were in the area in the 1960s now call the game reserve home. A few primates, including chimpanzees, baboons, and black and white colobus monkeys, have also been seen along the cliffs. The area is also home to over 400 different kinds of birds. The game reserve offers wildlife drives, fishing, bird viewing, fossil finding, and tiny primate walks. Fishing excursions may be planned on motorised boats for half or a full day from Lake Albert, where visitors can capture fish from the lake that are as big as they can.

In addition to Lake Mburo National Park, the Kabwoya Game Reserve offers secure horseback riding safaris that let you interact closely with the local species and discover additional adventure within the game reserve.
The game reserve may not be the best place to see wildlife, but it is the closest thing to heaven one could hope to find. It is so exquisitely made, with an attractive environment all around, that one could travel to Kibale Forest National Park in addition to Murchison Falls National Park, stopping at the game reserve en route.

The wildlife reserve is about a four-hour drive from Kampala through the Hoima route in western Uganda. Accommodations are provided in the game reserve, such as the Lake Albert Safari Lodge, which offers cottages perched on cliffs overlooking the stunning Blue Mountains in the Democratic Republic of the Congo across the lake.

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